Teacher Induction: Supporting the supporters of novice teachers in Europe
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Welcome to the ITQ website.

The ITQ - project aims at developing reflection tools for teachers to reflect on their professional quality.

The aim of the project was to support teachers in Europe to strengthen their professional quality through the development of a toolbox with tools that enables teachers (and other stakeholders) to recognize, reflect upon and to evaluate teacher quality.

The results of the project are now available and can support teachers throughout Europe in raising their voice  in national and European debates on teacher quality.

All outcomes are published on the ITQ website and can be used free of charge by teachers, teacher educators and policy makers throughout Europe.


ITQ Website is updated with revised and translated tools

30 november -1 - Project news

The ITQ website has been updated with the revised tools. The toolsets are also translated in a variety of languages: Croatian, Czech, Greece, Polish, Portuguese, Slovene and Swedish (the tool overview and one tool description). 

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Outcomes ITQ project support the voice of teachers in Europe.

30 november -1 - Project news

The outcomes of EU funded project Identifying Teacher Quality can support teachers throughout Europe in raising their voice  in national and European debates on teacher quality.

The main focus of the project was to develop tools for teachers to identify and to reflect on the concept of teacher quality. Underlying idea was that teacher quality is first and foremost an issue that should be defined by the professionals themselves, by teachers in the wide variety of schools in Europe.

Next to the reflection tools, the project has lead to a variety of interesting other outcomes through comparative studies on teacher quality as identified by teachers and by policy makers. 

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McKinsey report: How the world's best performing school systems come out on top

25 november 2007 - European news

McKinsey published a study in which 25 school systems, including the 10 top performing school systems, are compared. The study identifies aspects that make the top systems come out on top.

These aspects are very closely related to teacher quality. 

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